A message from Future Workplace

The final Future Workplace Virtual Summit of the year will feature sessions from HR, talent, and learning leaders, and conversations with Future Workplace Academy™ faculty and alumni all highlighting three key themes to carry into 2021.

We have assembled an amazing community of Chief Human Resource Officers, Chief Learning Officers and Senior Thought Leaders all sharing their expertise to engage, inspire and energize you!

Sessions Include:

Join us from 10am to 3:00pm EDT on November 5 and 6:

November 5th:

Leading During COVID: Reflections, Lessons and Giving Back

Building and Maintaining Meaningful Employee Relationships to Foster Innovation

21 HR Jobs of the Future: Are You & Your Organization Prepared?

Prioritizing Employee Wellbeing

Leveraging Collective Intelligence to Scale L&D

Transforming Learning at Novartis

Radical Learning Transformation

November 6th:

How to Mitigate Bias in Developing AI for HR Solutions

Human-in-the-loop VR Simulation for Essential Workplace Skills

Leveraging AI4HR: How to Give Your Hiring Team a Competitive Advantage

How to Make Learning More Effective

The Now & The Future of AR, VR, & AI for Learning

Solving Business Problems Using People Analytics

The Growing Importance of Agility and Resilience in the Workforce

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new strategies and new ways to re-imagine HR, Talent & Learning in the New Normal of Work

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with your HR, Talent Acquisition, Learning, and People Analytics peers on re-imagining HR



join and be inspired to lead your HR, Talent, and Learning department in the New Normal of Work